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Den Anda is about cheering and inspiring. We believe everyone should dare to stand out, find their own say and have some fun on the way.
All content and products on this site is about inspiration, attitude anda tad of sassiness.

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Sigrid - That Duck February 2018

Sigrid - That Duck of the Month

This Months That Duck award goes to Sigrid, a Norwegian singer and songwriter. We love her sassiness and would not ever want to kill her vibe. Somehow we hope many youngsters find her attitude and cool almost contagious.
Encourage to be more!

Encourage to be more!

Inspirational and thought provoking video about chasing the right ideals encouraging to do more. Her advice is valid across gender and generations.
"What if young women around the world were encouraged to be more rather than less?"
Seth Godin and the story behind That Duck

Seth Godin and the story behind That Duck

Seth Godin is a best selling author and public speaker. He was recently in Oslo and reminded us why we started DenAnda in the first place. It´s all about That Duck....

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